- Please register once using our FB Soldsie link: Due to Facebook’s latest privacy changes, anyone who registered before 2/1/2019 will need to re-register with the link above.

- Soldsie will automatically use your email address associated with your FB account - this means that is where your invoices will be sent. However you can change your email address under "settings" in Soldsie.

- Comment under any item you want with only the words, "sold size"; (please make sure to comment in the comment stream on the wall - not under the photos in the Album, in order for Soldsie to register your order.)

- You will be able to see and review what you have commented on in your Soldsie cart by clicking on the link at any time.

- We can custom order some smaller or larger sizes that are not offered in the description of each outfit. Please message or email us for details on how to custom order smaller or larger sizes.

- Once we post the production collage at the end of the pre-order, we keep up all outfits that made production for 24- 48 hours for anyone to make any additions. Changes/ cancelations must be made before invoices go out 24 hours after the production items are posted.

- Invoices will be sent out 24-48 hours AFTER the Final production collage is posted! We will post updates here as we begin invoicing. You will have 48hrs. to pay your invoice.

- You will receive an email/invoice for each item you have ordered. Please wait until ALL of your outfits have shown up in your cart before paying to ensure combined shipping. We will not be able to reverse the transaction once it has processed (this includes split pay – please confirm split payment has been applied if you are choosing that option before checking out.)



- Click on one of the links in the emails you receive and it will take you to your Soldsie cart where you should find all the items that you ordered. If items are not showing up together, you can also click on this link to view all items combined:

- Please carefully review your invoice for accuracy. It is very easy to review with Soldsie. If any outfits are missing from your invoice, please notify us ASAP. By paying your invoice, you are ensuring it is correct and those are the items we will order for you. We cannot make any changes to a paid invoice (this includes split payment option.)

- You can edit your sizes and quantities directly on your invoice before paying! This eliminates the need to notify us of size changes. Click to change/edit the size, edit it as needed, then make sure to save your changes.

- To cancel an item BEFORE a pre-order closes, reply to your original comment on the unwanted item(s) with the word “cancel” PRIOR to invoicing. Do not delete your comment. (If you cannot find your original comment, you can reply “cancel” anywhere in the comment stream of that outfit.)

- We will give 24-48hrs. after we announce the items that have made production (met our manufacturer's minimum order requirement) for any edits to be made. AFTER the pre-order closes, your comment commits to your order. If you must cancel an item you will need to contact us via email or messenger to have it removed from your invoice. Your comment counts toward items making production so cancelling after the pre-order closes affects our entire order. These late cancellations will count toward the policy: 3 cancellations and that person will no longer be able to order from our group.

- PLEASE DO NOT EDIT YOUR COMMENT ON THE WALL - reply under your comment "cancel"

- PLEASE DO NOT TRY AND REMOVE AN ITEM FROM YOUR INVOICE - message or email us so we can remove the item.

- All invoices are due 48hrs after receiving it (unless you have emailed us to make a special arrangement).

- We accept PayPal, all major credit cards, or debit cards for payment. To make this process more streamlined and efficient, you will enter your preferred card information directly into Soldsie (it does auto-populate so you should only have to do this once unless you want to change your preferred CC) or pay via PayPal at checkout.



-You have the option to pay in full, or split-pay (meaning you pay half now, and the other half before your item ships). There is a $3.00 additional charge for split pay per invoice (not per item). You will be billed the full shipping cost on your 1st invoice and full $3 fee on the second half of your invoice. To choose split pay: when checking out, click on "click here if you have a coupon code?" and enter in the coupon code that reflects the current preorder - ex. "split31" for preorder 31, "split32" for preorder 32, etc.  Make sure that the discount is applied to your invoice prior to processing your order. We will be unable to apply the split pay discount after your order has processed if the code is not originally deducted.

-IF YOU ARE PAYING VIA PAYPAL, you must make sure the split pay code applies on your Soldsie invoice PRIOR to selecting/checking out with PayPal. We will be unable to apply your split pay code once your order has processed and will not be able to issue refunds for this.

-If your second split pay invoice does not get paid within 48 hours of receiving it, you will forfeit the first half of your split payment (unless you have made a payment plan with us.) There is a $5.00 processing fee to reinstate cancelled invoices and a small window of time to do so. After three (3) cancelled invoices for non-payment you will no longer be allowed to order from our group.



If a monogram option is available, you will need to click and save the “monogram” box on your invoice and make sure the monogram fee is added.  To enter your monogram information on your invoice at checkout, please click the “change” button, check the monogram box, enter the monogram information into the notes, and then MAKE SURE TO SAVE your changes. Please be sure to ENTER THE MONOGRAM EXACTLY HOW YOU WANT IT TO APPEAR. We will not be able to add a monogram after your order has processed.  We DO accept split pay for Monogram items.



We ask that you pay your invoice within 2 days of receiving it. We send two reminders and an email. Any invoices that are unpaid after 2 days will be cancelled without notice. After three (3) cancelled invoices for non-payment you will no longer be allowed to order from our group.



1 item - $3.75

2 items - $6.75

3 items - $8.75

4 items - $10.00

5-9 items - $11.00

10+ - $15.00



- Our Extras from our pre-orders are sold on our website ( on a first come/first serve basis.

- We post notifications on the page beforehand, giving everyone a notice before the items are listed.

- All website sales are final.

- All Extras ship out within 5 business days of purchasing.



To ensure your outfits stay in excellent condition, we strongly suggest that you pretreat the fabric to set the color by soaking it in a mixture of 75% white vinegar & 25% water for 4 to 6 hours. We also highly recommend using color catcher sheets in your wash (found on the laundry aisle at most stores,) washing only in cold water, and hang to dry vs. drying in the dryer machine. If you ever have any questions about caring for your items, please feel free to message or email us.



Feel free to message us or send us an email at anytime. We are quick to answer and happy to help! Excellent customer service is our top priority. We may sometimes inadvertently miss comments on our page, so messaging and emailing is the best way to reach us. Please remember ALL SALES ARE FINAL, and unfortunately we cannot accommodate exchanges for different sizes. We do have a Buy/Sell/Trade Private Facebook group. However, if you received an incorrect item or your item is defective, please email us right away and we will make it right (you must email us within 30 days of receiving your damaged item and have not washed or worn it.)

We are so happy you're here and we look forward to serving you!


Thank you so very much!

The Smocking Place Team